Maintaining client relationships and selling real estate
in today’s content marketing landscape

  • Relationship building is a crucial part of any sales process, and this is especially true for your real estate agents.

  • Potential homebuyers will feel more positive about a relationship if they have access to custom content published by an agent or agency.

  • Publishing custom and branded content positions your agents as an authority by establishing credibility in their markets.

  • In a competitive digital landscape, a content-focused strategy gives your agents an edge over their competitors.

Producing individually branded and custom content at an enterprise level has always been a challenge... Until now. 

Freshmerge web graphic 800W .png
  • freshMerge is a licensed communication software solution managed by your corporate marketing department.

  • Provide your sales team interactive content solutions to help build relationships and maintain business.

  • Easily produce dynamic (web) email newsletters, social media posts to LinkedIn and Facebook, and downloadable print PDF mailers.

  • freshMerge's communication software makes it easy to control branding and messaging, and

  • Gives your sales team an edge with high-quality, professional, and individually-branded content.

  • Whether you have a sales team of 25 or 50,000+, inputting articles, photos, and secondary information once while publishing multiple branded versions simultaneously makes our software the marketing solution your company can’t do without.


Download Real Content Examples

Receive a set of content samples produced using the freshMERGE software.

Control over brand management & messaging
while providing your team personalized tools to communicate to customers

  • We license our cloud software to your company to create newsletters and social media content internally.

  • Our easy to use software allows your marketing department system administrator to assign graphic, content creation, and management/publishing rights to your marketing team.

  • Inputting articles and corresponding photos once while mass publishing individually branded communication tools for your sales team members is easily accomplished with our software.

  • Your sales team and staff experience our solution through a white label dashboard, branded to your company.

Your Administrator Access allows checks and balances on each individual team member's registration, allows deactivation or updates to team member information, and is easily accessible for review by management for audits.

Our cloud software allows us to update our system as new technology becomes available and is developed, eliminating down time on your production.  As we upgrade our software, we upgrade your license automatically.  Constant updating to current technology allows your company to produce client newsletters and social media tools that benefit your team in the field and company-wide.  Keep your message and branding consistent and compliant.




Social Media Posting of Articles to LinkedIn and Facebook
Dynamic and PDF Copy for each newsletter/account monthly
Auto Account Generation (registration for each account holder via email link)
*Base Package prices below reflects e-Mail list management


For 25-100
Team Members

  • 1 Newsletter a month
  • 4 articles/photos
  • 2 hour training call
  • 4 banner designs


For 101-500
Team Members

  • 4 Newsletters a month
  • 4 articles/photos
  • 2 day site training*
  • 4 banner designs


For 501-2000+
Team Members

  • 4 Newsletters a month
  • 4 articles/photos
  • 2 day site training*
  • 4 banner designs

All packages provide email list management for 500 email addresses per Team Member

$500 One time set up fee due at contract signing


For Packages that exceed the Enterprise 2000 Account limit, contact us to develop a package for your large account needs.

*Additional cost per trainer for travel, lodging and meals.


Contact freshMerge for a simulated trial to experience how our software works and benefits your company and team.

On-site training


Onsite training at your firm and outstanding technical support make our system cost effective, easy, and successful to use.  Our software has been developed to be easy to use; however, if you prefer on-site training we will gladly work with your team.  We want to ensure your success and assist with the initial setup once you have entered into a license agreement with freshMerge.  This is at an additional cost in addition to licensing costs that covers transportation and lodging for our training team.



Never miss a contact with our CMS integration


freshMerge can be easily integrated with your current Client Management System (CMS) software in which your team member’s client email list is merged with their freshMerge account.  Once client newsletters are sent out, freshMerge data is sent back to your CMS software recording the issue, date and time the newsletter was sent to each client in the database.  freshMerge manages opt outs, removing them from the list inside our system per federal requirements, and records opt outs inside your CMS.