Maintain client relationships and attract new business
in today’s global economy

freshMerge is a licensed communication software solution managed by your corporate marketing department.   Producing automated content for your sales team that is personally branded to them has never been easier! Dynamic (web) email newsletters, social media posts to LinkedIn and Facebook, and a downloadable print PDF mailer provide your sales team interactive content solutions to help build relationships and maintain business.  freshMerge's communication software makes it easy to control branding and messaging, and gives your sales team a competitive edge in a worldwide market.

Whether you have a sales team of 10 or 50,000+, inputting articles, photos, and secondary information once while publishing multiple branded versions simultaneously makes our software the marketing solution your company can’t do without.

Agency Multi-Client licenses available!  We value our relationships with marketing agencies all over the world!  Contact us if you want to bring our solution to your clients.

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