Why Include Employees in Sharing Content? Your Marketing Success Depends on It

As marketers, we know that using authentic, customer-focused content is proven to attract and retain business. But despite all the social media technology available to share content, marketers still struggle with building an audience. So, why not use your own employee community to create one?

Marketers miss an obvious opportunity when they fail to invite other employees to engage in sharing the same content already produced (and sometimes already in use) to their own social media accounts. So why does sharing content with all employees matter?

  • It creates employee engagement and pride. Remember, they are already using platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter so providing them with content to share should be part of every marketing strategy.

  • Sharing content with others drives organic reach organically-at a fraction of the cost to a mass market!

  • Employees help to position your company (and its employees) as an industry expert, reputable, and a ‘good’ company. After all, they are putting their endorsement on the content (and the company) when they share it.

  • When marketing believes that sharing content is a people initiative, great things begin to happen in terms of company recognition and sales revenue. Include ‘your people,’ and you won’t be sorry.

Let’s talk about sales. Companies need salespeople. Salespeople are the relationship building part of most sales strategies, and they need relevant, industry-specific content to develop a social media presence. Salespeople are your front line access to people that purchase your company’s services or products. Their livelihood depends on relationships and relationship selling; it’s up to you to help them position themselves in the social media arena. Not convinced you should enlist employees to share?

  • 1 in 3 people on Facebook uses it as a way to look for recommendations and reviews and investigate before they buy. –Facebook.com/business statistics, May 3rd, 2019

  • 7 in 10 Americans use social media to connect with others, read informational content, share information, and entertain themselves. –Pew Research Center, February 5th, 2018

  • Social Media is part of many American’s daily lives; the higher the education level, the more use of social media on a regular basis. –Pew Research Center, Survey conducted January 3-10, 2018

How can you produce brand standards, non-editable content for all employees and salespeople in your company to share on social media? By licensing freshMerge, an enterprise level SaaS that provides social media integration for all employees through their white-label dashboard inside your company’s intranet.

freshMerge is affordable publishing software that is easily managed by your marketing department to create industry-specific content that your employees and sales team can deploy to their social media accounts. In addition to social media posting ability on a mass scale, the software simultaneously creates a client-centered digital newsletter and a print newsletter option for your sales team branded to your brand, featuring themselves. Contact us for more information and a demo of our software.

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