Top Tips for Creating a Social Media Content Strategy

Let’s face it, creating and using content that has ‘attraction’ on social media isn’t easy. What can be even more difficult is creating the strategy for what, where, when, and how you’ll use relevant content to create an attraction for you and your brand. Remember that attracting is about engaging others through direct conversation, continually changing assets (blogs, video, etc.), and using content from other sources.  Your SEO depends on it! 

Tip #1- Know Your Audience’s/Industry’s Keywords. Create original or repost someone else’s content that is specific to what people would buy from you that uses keywords.  The ‘SEO Attraction’ leads them to you if you can entice your audience with what they’re looking for (new home purchase, curb appeal, qualifying for a home loan, etc.).    

Tip #2- Determine What Type of Content Attracts Your Customers at specific stages of the sales funnel.  Why is it important and why should people care?  

Tip #3- Read other Social Media Content.  If you aren’t reading industry-specific posts on social media yourself, now is the time to start.  When you read another post and ‘like’ or comment on it, you automatically move that post into your social media timeline, positioning yourself as sharing relevant information with your audience.  It doesn’t matter if it’s coming from a competitor, if it’s relevant positive content, use it (unless their branding is all over it)! Note:  Share, don’t plagiarize, referencing where the content came from while posting a positive comment about the source.

Tip #4- Set Aside Time to Write/Post and Plan Your Social Media Calendar.  When you find other content appropriate to your industry, collect it and decide when to post, being aware of the best time to post for each platform.

Tip #5- Showcase Yourself, Your Company, and Others. If you see someone doing something you like, share it!  If it’s a cause you’re involved in, brag a little about your pride in participating. If it’s about your company and a positive impact, express your gratitude for working for such a great employer. Some of the best industry posts will come from others outside of your company; it’s acceptable to share and comment (positively) on the social post.

Tip #6- Keep up With Social Media Platform Changes.  Just when marketers figure out one social platform and how to have the upper hand on using it to their advantage, it changes.  Each platform tries to outperform the other and will continuously improve their algorithms to produce more revenue from and for advertisers.  If you don’t realize the changes, your posts have the potential risk of not being noticed.

Tip #7- Recycle.  Recycling is in, even when it comes to content.  If there is a social post that had great engagement, reuse it a few weeks or months later.  If you’ve produced original content such as a blog, change the title, swap out the photo, update embedded links, or reword a few lines.  If you’ve produced a video, try changing out the audio script while using the same visuals.

Tip #8- Create Call to Action (CTA).  A CTA can be an invitation to download a video or report, or even an engaging title to a blog to get your audience to act.  If you’re reposting from another source, create interest by commenting such as “A Must Read,” “Great Article for Everyone to Consider,” etc.  Think of this as creating a lead-in to a news story, because social media is really ‘Social News.’

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