Selling Fitness Memberships with Content Marketing

“What gets you out of bed in the morning?” “What inspires you?” - Questions asked in thousands of job interviews across the globe. Why is that?

It’s because inspiration is one of the most powerful motivators for someone. Motivated employees do better work and support a positive environment. Therefore understanding what inspires someone will help you keep them motivated.

This simple but powerful idea goes beyond just the workplace. It’s especially effective when analyzing customer lifecycles within the health and fitness industry.

Effective storytelling has the potential to inspire, motivate, and build tight-knit communities of fellow health enthusiasts. And to put it simply, a motivated customer is a loyal one.

Furthermore, members will feel more positive about their fitness center if they have access to relevant and high-quality content produced by said fitness center.

Balancing content development on top of distribution can be especially challenging at the enterprise-level. A marketing department may have all the motivation in the world to produce great content, but it won’t mean anything unless their individual locations are distributing it. This is why we developed the FreshMerge software.

Learn more about how freshMerge can help your fitness chain excel with content marketing.