Helping Your Advisors Build Relationships With Content

Relationship building - a challenge for any advisor, one that is compounded for a firm at the enterprise level

One of the most important parts of any advisor’s sales process is their ability to build relationships with potential clients. The objective for the advisor is to help the would-be advisee to feel comfortable and positive about working together.

Many times, relationship-building is boiled down to the amount of “touches” an advisor can give. However, in today’s hyper-competitive digital landscape, the quality of an interaction tends to matter more than the quantity.

Potential investors will feel more positive about a relationship if they have access to custom & relevant content shared to them from an advisor. The advisor’s position as an authority in their market can be elevated greatly if the content they’re sharing is individually branded.

For example…

Finance Newsletter Example

The challenge then becomes how to empower advisors with individually branded content that they can easily distribute. To learn more about how to overcome this challenge, check out our Financial Industry Page.