The Dynamic Email Newsletter (Surprised?)

The resurgence of a customer/persona-centric digital newsletter is one trend that will continue to grow throughout 2018.  Cost efficient with the ability to individually brand the sender, the dynamic newsletter works like an individual website and connects the reader to the sender through informative and educational content.  Newsletters are at the crossroads of email marketing and content marketing and are a force to be reckoned with when they’re also mobile responsive.

Marketers are rethinking their use of email marketing as an affordable solution to connect readers to their brand.

The beauty of dynamic newsletters delivered through email solutions, is that newsletters isolate information for the reader in a world where media (and social media) has become full of ‘distractions.’  People sign up for newsletters from their favorite brands, visit websites to join a ‘mailing list,’ and newsletters can personalize the reader (persona) experience.

If you’re creating content based on problems the reader didn’t know they had and offered solutions, you’re well on your way to making the dynamic email newsletter a successful marketing strategy in 2018.  Your content can be put to good use through newsletter delivery as well as being a part of your website’s blog.

My favorite is freshMerge software for large sales teams.   freshMerge creates a dynamic (website) newsletter and allows individual articles to post to the advisor’s social media accounts.  For those customers who want a ‘mailed copy’ of the newsletter, the software generates PDF mailer of the newsletter copy to mail to the customer.  Email Marketing, Social Media posting, and print in one SAAS product!

Strategy for Use:

·       Email to clients and prospects                                

·       Individual Branding

·       Can reside on Website                  

·       Dynamic- works like a website

·       Shared to/through Social Media                                                   

·       Educational, not sales material

·       Relevant Client Centric Info                                           

·       Relate theme to blog posts

Email newsletters have been around for the past 20 years in financial services; although not all of them are created equal.  Mobile responsiveness, dynamic delivery, multiple publishing options, and content regulation (100 subscribers or less) is what you should be looking for if you are considering a newsletter vendor.  If you can curate content on your own and publish it internally, consider publishing software synced to multiple delivery options.

This article originally appeared in the Digital Marketing Technology section of Iris