The Marriage of Compliance and Marketing

If you work in an industry that has a ‘designated’ compliance department (also known as the ‘save your ____ from getting sued’ department), you may think that the compliance department was designed to squash your creative marketing ideas.  That is far from the truth, but many times marketers don’t expand on their creative ideas because they think ‘compliance’ won’t approve their idea, or their message.  Medical, financial, and many other industries have a compliance department, or one person (attorney), who reviews the message or idea that marketing has come up with to ensure that people will not be lead ‘astray’  and seek damages for the message portrayed.

To completely understand what you can and can’t say with your message, I urge you to walk down the hall and meet with these people commonly called ‘compliance’. Interestingly, many corporations have the compliance and marketing departments conveniently located close to each other (really)!  Compliance departments are not the ‘idea squash-ers’, the ‘no-men’, the ‘we just say no to make your life hard people’.  They have a responsibility to your brand, your company, and yes, to you to make sure your messaging is as creative as it is ‘safe’.  Once you understand the ‘no- no’s’, they can approve your ideas, because you will be presenting them with ones that meet their approval the first time they see or read it.  Everyone wants to have success in growing the company, so start marketing with an understanding of the ‘rules’.

When it comes to content, there is always a list of words that are not allowed in your respective industry (ex. guarantee, cures, always to name a few).  When you curate your blog content, pick your images, and formulate your marketing plan, keep in mind those ‘rules’ that compliance has given you.  If you’re having a hard time creating content or finding a free-lancer, go visit with your compliance department.  Many times there are other employees that are sending your compliance department blogs to approve, or even whitepapers they’ve created (financial services, healthcare, salespeople) that they want to use with their clients.  This is especially common if your company hasn’t implemented social selling for your employees. 

If you start to create content that your employees or sales team can use, you will help relieve the work load in the compliance department, and make them ‘happy’.  Secondly, creating social selling posts and content helps to ensure your employees and sales team are posting appropriate, factual information that showcases your team, and your company as an industry leader.

Effective marketing in compliance heavy industries is really about the ‘marriage’ of the compliance department and the marketing department, and the relationship they both play in effective, client centered marketing initiatives.  For a software solution that helps your company create social selling solutions, visit freshMerge