Your Content + Our Software = A Beautiful Relationship

Creating original content is one of the most effective ways to help drive traffic to corporate websites through various channels.  Blogging, social media, and other methods of content communication prove more effective for marketing when used regularly.  Many times the marketing initiatives are focused at the corporate level, and not at the sales level.

freshMerge is a cloud software solution that focuses on the use of original content at the sales level to help drive traffic to the individual sales professional, and ultimately increase your company’s sales.  How do we do it?

Featuring Your Content:  freshMerge’s editing tool allows you to create original content in our clouded software system, or copy and paste in your original document and corresponding photo.  Each article will be mass published into an individually branded dynamic (works like a website) and PDF newsletter and social media posts for each of your sales team members. 

Without our software, creating newsletters and social media posting for each team member would take hours if you had a large sales team.  Writing the content will take you more time than using freshMerge to set up a newsletter and social media mass publishing!  Regardless of whether you write your own content, or utilize a free lance writer, producing original industry content for your sales team is one of the best ways to grow and maintain business relationships.

Our Software:  freshMerge creates dynamic and PDF newsletters, and social media posting to LinkedIn and Facebook on a mass level, with each issue newsletter individually branded to your company and sales team member.  Individual articles post to social media, not the entire newsletter, giving each team member four posts from each newsletter.

To use our software, you need a writer (content) that knows your company, industry, and products, and has the ability to position your content as 'helpful' information, not as a sales pitch.   A graphic designer (InDesign) should be a part of your team to create the custom banner branding your business, and design the the PDF newsletter using our custom templates.  freshMerge has features that help auto-fill design elements to identify your sales team, making the design of individual newsletter banners easy.

Once you input your four articles for the issue and upload the PDF, you can schedule your publish date and time.

freshMerge has email list management for each sales team member up to 500 email addresses. 

Sales team members ‘register’ themselves through a link you prove to them.  They upload their photo, add their contact information, select their banner, and upload their email list.  Now they are ready to automatically send newsletters to their contacts and post to their own LinkedIn and Facebook account. 

freshMerge automatically sends the newsletter out to each team member’s designated email contact, and records one in the team member account for easy access.  Inside the team member account, they have access to download and print their own PDF newsletter (11x17, double sided, folds into a mailer).  Social media posts are selected by the team member, allowing for them to ‘comment’ before they post it to their own account.

freshMerge is a solution to help you manage your corporate employee sales team member’s communication to their customers and potential customers, and helps position them as knowledgeable experts in their industry.