Employee Advocacy – What You Need To Know

Employee advocacy has been a trending topic in the world of digital marketing lately. What does it mean? Employee advocacy refers to employees supporting what their brand or company is saying by reposting company content to their personal or individual company related social media pages.

With the overwhelming amount of content that is on the Internet today, it is important to make your content stand out. This can be done by first creating awesome content and second by having your employees support and market this content further by reposting it. Each of your employees hold a vast external network of people that can help to further promote your company’s product or message. One repost from an employee can help your media message reach an entirely new demographic of people.

As mentioned previously, content is becoming a driving force in marketing and should be an integral piece of your company’s marketing plan. Original content in the world of digital marketing is seen as more sincere than a timeline full of reposts and a key piece in creating and maintaining relationships with your clients and target market. Additionally, your employees will be more willing to repost this content since it is an accurate reflection of your company’s values.

The potential reach of an employee advocacy plan can be calculated by multiplying the number of employees by the size of their respective networks. In the beginning stages of a company, a large majority of company outreach can be linked back to employee advocacy- and that’s okay! Spreading the word about your company through your employee’s networks is a sure fire way to gain the attention of your intended audience.