Let's Give Them (Your Sales Team) Something to Talk About

If you’ve ever been a part of a large sales force for a company, you’re aware that your success is built on relationships.  Before customers buy, there is a period of relationship building where the ‘sales person’ gets to know the customer, their needs, and introduces products to solve a problem the customer has. 

To be effective, good sales people know that asking questions and talking to customers to assess their needs is key to a good relationship.  The days of the ‘hard sell’ are over, and customers decide if they want to do business with you by researching you and your products, and company you work for through the internet or on social media.

Proficient Marketers know that by creating positive messages through social media, target customers are given something positive to talk about and share with others.  The message can be product driven, helpful information, or even sharing a company initiative to make the world a better place.  But in no way are you trying to ‘sell’ them; you are involved in positive ‘relationship building’.

Companies that are successful are focused getting not only the company’s message across, but giving their sales team something to talk about.  Smart marketers know that when they create a positive communication channel that employees and their sales team can share, it creates revenue for the company as a whole.  Giving them something to talk about helps the company to be in control of the message, ensuring that looks professional and is well thought out. Leaving social media, blog posts, and customer communication up to the sales professional may not produce a positive image.  They are not marketing professionals; allow them to do their job while you focus on how you can help their individual messaging.

Social posts that employees can share, and client newsletters featuring the sales person’s photo, contact information, and company branding helps to build relationships with clients and prospects.  Creating content on a certain product or a feature article about a customer benefitting from what you offer helps position the sales person as an expert in their industry.  By giving them something to talk about, you are helping ensure the success of your sales team.

If you haven’t considered giving your employees and sales team the tools to grow their business, it’s time to provide them with social media posts, client dynamic newsletters, and help build the ‘brand of them’.  A customer or prospect will build a relationship with your sales team member before they’ll build one with your company.