Do You Suffer from 'Writer TMI'?

If you’re a curator of original content and posting your own, congratulations!  As a curator (writer), you know that original content can drive traffic to your website, social media pages, and ultimately you and your company.  Writing original, customer focused content can increase leads, sales, and position you as a knowledgeable industry expert, which pays off in many ways. 

But sometimes writers suffer from ‘Writer TMI’, commonly known as “Writer (writing) too much information”.  These curators of content unfortunately write content that isn’t understandable to their readers.  In an effort to position themselves as an ‘expert’ (trying to be too smart), they lead readers away from their content, and ultimately away from themselves and their company.  As a writer, don’t assume that relevant concepts and information about your industry aren’t ‘exciting’ to readers, and that they won’t benefit from a simpler message.  If you’re explaining how to do a mathematical problem inside a blog article, you’ve probably missed the point of “keep it simple, stupid”.  Your readers will leave because you’re giving them ‘too much information’.

Masquerading ‘white papers’ as blog content is another ‘Writer TMI’ problem.  If you want to publish a ‘white paper’, do it on your website and allow readers to download it if they have interest.  Remember that an article or blog, should (according to Google) contain 380-410 words to be ‘searchable’, and allow for readers to experience a ‘quick read’ to gain information you write.  Scientific data should not be included, unless it is through an info-gram or link, allowing readers to quickly understand data that is part of your topic.  That link will allow those readers who want more information to be able to access it.  Those readers that don’t want ‘too much information’ will not utilize the link. 

Another notable strategy is to focus on ‘key words’ that are commonly known to adult readers that are related to the content topic.  If you’re writing about ‘Writer TMI’ reuse that phrase as well as the words writer, too much information in your article. 

Lastly, writing your own industry specific content can be rewarding for both you, your company, and your clients if you keep the information relevant to them and your industry.  An easy way to get started on original content is to write about what you’ve learned from your clients.  You’ve been asked product questions, your opinion, and probably had numerous conversations with them.  They can guide you toward what they want to know through your writing, and lead you away from ‘Writer TMI’.