Top 10 Reasons Companies Send Newsletters

Sending clients a newsletter each month is something you should consider.  Here is the Top 10 List of reasons why companies should:

  1. If you’re not in front of your clients each month, someone else is. Social media advertising, telemarketing, and cold calling give someone else a chance to develop a relationship with your client if you are failing to contact them regularly.  Clients perceive you as ‘not taking care of them’ if they don’t hear something from you on a regular basis.
  2. Educating with information that is relevant to clients and is based on the services you’re providing is priceless. Giving clients information that is accurate and unbiased, interesting and entertaining will help them make good financial decisions for themselves.
  3. Newsletters that are branded with your logo, photo, and contact information position you as a professional and an expert in your field, and help them remember ‘you’.
  4. Using the latest technology to deliver your newsletter and articles positions you as someone who is ‘up to date’ and gives your clients the perception you will also present them with the latest options available to them instead of being ‘stagnant’.
  5. Sending out your newsletter in the format your client prefers shows them you listen to their requests. Some prefer dynamic (work like a website) issue, while others prefer a paper copy. Posting articles to your website, blog, or social media shows you’re ‘capable’ to your ‘tech savvy’ clients.
  6. The likelihood that the newsletter will be shared can result in a new client. Clients relay information they learned through you (your newsletter) to friends and family members.
  7. Connecting each month helps the emotional stress a client can experience during a ‘crisis’ that results in value decreases in their accounts. The more you are ‘in front of them’, the more relaxed they are when events happen. 
  8. Timely articles in your newsletter can educate and override misinformation that clients may hear at work or through the media. Proactive decision making overrides reactive decisions that may be hard to recover from.
  9. Newsletters help make client meetings more productive. Because you’ve educated them on many financial topics through your newsletter, client meetings require less ‘explaining’ of concepts and more action happens.
  10. Monthly newsletters count for the 12 of 20 yearly contacts you need to retain a client over time. Studies by various agencies in various industries support this statistic.