Selecting a Financial Advisor Writing Service

As a financial advisor, your time is filled helping with your client’s financial needs.  Perhaps you don’t have time to write your own content for your website, blog, social media, newsletter or feel that writing is not one of your ‘gifts’.  Should you hire a writer or service to help?  If it means the difference between having good content or none, consider hiring.  This is a short list to help you select your financial advisor writing service:

  1. Experience of the writing service in your industry.
    • Make sure you are selecting someone who has worked in the financial services industry.  Because it is a highly regulated industry, your service should understand compliant and non-misleading content no matter how it is used.
  2. Other clients the writer has worked with.
    • Has the writer worked with others like you?
  3. Does the writing service produce interesting content in a timely manner? 
    • They should give you a timeline on completion when you interview them for each piece you need.
  4. Revision included.
    • If a written piece needs to be modified, is that at additional cost to you or included with their proposed project cost? 
  5. What does the writer prefer to write and can they show you samples?
    • If your writing service is unable to show samples of their work, they may not be the best choice for you.
  6. Ask for a proposal.
    • Let the writing service know what each content piece is being used for.  They should break down their time, cost, and a short description of what you’re asking for so that both of you know what is expected from the agreement.

Creating fresh, relevant content can be a challenge.  Download our Free eBook:  5 Ways to Source Content for your Financial Advisor Blog and Website.

Because writing content related to your industry is important for your website, blog, social media, websites, and a client newsletter and other written communication, add it to your yearly advertising budget and goals.  When people research you or your company, key words related to the financial services industry will help to position you as a top search.  When you include new content on a regular schedule, your rankings are raised even higher.

One misconception is that once you have your website in place or have a few content pieces on your blog you’re done.  The reality is that this has to be renewed at a minimum at least monthly.  For best results, a weekly post should be scheduled.  Finding the ‘write’ content partner will ensure your content marketing happens and is an effective form of communication between you and your clients and prospects.