How to Solve Problems Sales Professionals have with Social Media

As a Sales Professional, your main focus is solving your client’s problems, not solving your own Social Media problems.  You’re aware that the way business is conducted and how we communicate our knowledge is constantly changing from what it was even 10 years ago.  The internet has made it easier to validate you by your website, blog posts, and social media profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn.  But how do you solve the problem of being effective and knowing what to post?

Start by realizing what you can accomplish with social media. 

  • Social media is a way that you can connect with your clients (or prospects) while not being in front of them. 

By posting on a topics that are related to your services, you’re essentially advertising without verbally asking for the business.  It can be as subtle as posting a short article, or commenting on a post by another writer.  Every time you participate, you lead the reader back to you, the post originator.

  • Social media allows you to showcase your knowledge without coming off as ‘bragging’. 

When you pick relevant topics that are well written or write them yourself, you show what you know.  If someone doesn’t have interest in your posts, they merely quit reading in comparison to you still talking to them when they’ve ‘checked out’.  It’s a ‘safe arena’ to share yourself and your knowledge.

People that know how to use social media know that when they post, they educate.  Knowledge is shared and absorbed on the internet.  Making it work for you is as simple as finding a good resource of articles to use as your own, following certain writers, or creating it yourself.  If you choose to create posts, think about the top 10 things your clients ask you about and start with those.  Helping to educate readers makes our job easier by helping them to make informed decisions.

  • To be effective with social media topics, plan out a schedule of post times. You may want to even decide what posts you want to focus on for the month.  

Posting 1-3 times per week is recommended, and can be compiled of your own writing, purchased content, or re-posting from another source.  It is not necessary to post each day and there is such a thing as ‘over posting.  You don’t want to give clients the idea you’re on the internet all day when you should be taking care of their needs.

  • The best advice to solve the biggest problem you may have with social media is to embrace it.

It is not going away and can be one of the most effective solutions you have to reaching multiple clients and prospects.