What Content Should Be Posted on Social Media?

Social Media Posting:  Personal vs Professional - The world of social media is a fast moving, sometimes ‘controversial’ one, where careers can be made or broken by posting or commenting.  Let’s give you the low down on what you should and shouldn’t do:

Keep Personal vs Professional separate by creating two accounts.  Your Personal Account is about you as a person, not you as the professional.  Here you connect and post for people that know you personally outside of work.  Your Professional Account should help client trust by what you post or bring potential clients to you.  Your Professional Account should be your ‘DBA’ account stating your employer, profession, etc.  It is like a professional resume and gives viewers a look at how you do business and what your values are.  DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO!  In some instances, not separating results is job termination (securities industry take note!)

Posting Content on Your Professional Page.  Post what is relevant in your industry or to your clients.  A good example of what not to do is post golf tips on your professional pages like you’re a golf pro with photos of you golfing.  Do you golf all day or work at what your job title is?  Think about the message you are sending.  A ‘happy quote’ is nice once in a while, but don’t fill your posts with only that.  Use your posts to position yourself as an industry expert, leaving biases and over indulgent options out.

'Friending’ or ‘Connecting’.  Be careful who you ‘friend’ or ‘connect to’.  Do you really know all of these people?  There are SPAM friend requests that are out there that are like a computer virus.  They will automatically post to your account things you didn’t post.  Examples are porn, rude jokes, and job leads that are BOGUS.  As a recommendation, do not ‘Connect’ or ‘friend’ the cute waitress at the bar you were at last night on your professional pages.  Remember two words:  Professional Connection. 

Posting Photos.  Do you want people that know you in a professional manner seeing a photo of you at an awkward moment?  Things such as 'private' events (those that are embarrassing), booze photos, even damaging photos that are meant as a joke can be sensitive to others.  If you’re posting professionally, it’s advised to NOT post this type of material even on your personal pages.  Remember this stuff can come up in an HR background check (this is the world we live in).