Managing Sales Team Communications Socially (and Appropriately)

Corporate marketing for sales teams has become more important.  Traditional channels of marketing are changing as more consumers are researching the internet for services they are seeking.  Their searches help lead them to the individuals and companies they want to conduct business with.  The old marketing methods of print, radio, and TV, among others, has become obsolete when it comes to ‘sales team member marketing’. This article pertains to those people who make your company money because they are the ‘first in line contact’ with customers!  Corporate marketing departments that focus only on corporate (the company) marketing and not sales team marketing are missing the boat, literally!

Inbound and outbound marketing, analytics, widgets, timely blogs, social posts, and the like all help to drive business to your company.  But if you have a team of sales people, what are you doing to help them? Can the same marketing methods be applied to their marketing?  Absolutely, and especially if they have their own website, social media pages, and a channel for communications to their customers such as email.

Sales team member marketing works great in situations where there are franchisees.  Think Insurance Agents, Manufacturing Dealership sales people (auto, heavy equipment), Real Estate Agents, independent medical provider associations, gym and health club franchises, financial industry professionals, banking associates in varying departments, and the list is goes on.  How you help them market is simple.  By providing content delivered via the web for your sales team to connect to their customers (and potential customers) that educates (and doesn’t sell) them.  Another way to think of this type marketing communication is to call it, ‘Helpful Communications’.  Being a helpful expert in your industry is sought after more often than not.  Developing relationships through informational posts and education is ‘in’, product pushers are out.

Bringing your sales team’s marketing in-house allows your sales team to focus on what they’re best at; connecting, educating, servicing, and selling (yes, selling) your company to customers and potential customers.  Proving social posts, client information via newsletter communications (we recommend dynamic, or web based), and blog content for your team is priceless!  It takes the burden off of sales team members to write, find appropriate industry related posts, and email clients helpful information. 

Providing content and the technology to manage sales team member’s customer communications (social, blog, newsletter, and website) on a large scale is easy with the right software solution and allows you as a marketing professional to help ‘control’ what is posted.  After all, these team members are representing your company and it’s time to take notice of what they’re posting on their own!  A company that doesn’t assist with team member marketing will see members leave, over time, for companies that are focused on their success as much as the company’s success.

Be proactive in helping your sales team members maintain relationships and market themselves, as a representative of your company.  For additional information on large scale client communication software, visit