Since 2009, we've been creating individually branded communications for the financial services industry.
And now, its available to all industries.


freshMerge was released as a licensed software product in 2017, utilizing the same software from our sister company, Fresh Finance LLC (which started in 2009).  Fresh Finance has been using the proprietary software since 2012 to create individually branded newsletters and social posts in the financial services industry.  Fresh Finance has been operating as a ‘full service’ vendor, creating content and graphics, managing the system, and assisting financial services professionals with their client communications and social media.

Our belief has always been that by providing content delivered in the way individual clients want to receive that information, we help to grow relationships by positioning each sales team member as an expert in their profession.  Corporate marketing departments tend to be focused on the corporation, not the individual sales team that keeps them in business, which is why freshMerge provides the solution for each sales team member to communicate with their clients.

After much consideration (and interest from other companies in other industries), freshMerge is now licensed to companies across multiple industries. Licensing our cloud software solution allows other corporations to utilize the freshMerge software internally, verses contracting with multiple vendors.  This not only saves money, but ensures that the corporation has control over branded communications and social posts that are sent out by their sales team.

freshMerge has a team of support professionals who have used the software daily for years to create newsletters and social media posts. These individuals work with our licensees in setup, training, and any additional support needed to make freshMerge a successful tool for companies and their sales team.

freshMerge software is owned by freshFinance LLC.


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